Private security companies impact on iraq

Since its formation inAl Hurea has adapted, matured and emerged as a respected and leading security provider in Iraq.

The Working Group has conducted a series of consultations with governments of the five geopolitical regions of the world on the impact of PMSC activities on the enjoyment of human rights, as well as on regulating and monitoring the activities of private military and security companies.

PMSCs are non-state entities operating in extremely blurred situations, where the lines between what is allowed and what is not are difficult to identify.

The position of western states, however, is that a binding instrument with regulatory and oversight mechanisms is too premature.

Westhusing committed suicide, after writing a report exonerating US Investigations Services of allegations of fraud, waste and abuse he received in an anonymous letter in May. State parties would be compelled to provide data annually for the register on imports and exports of military and security services of PMSCs and standardized information on PMSCs registered in and licensed by the state party.

Press Release, 12 Augusthttp: Under the UN convention, mercenaries are criminalized[44]. The United States State Department also employs several companies to provide support in danger zones that would be difficult for conventional U.

Initial reports indicated that the helicopter was shot down by rocket propelled grenades. See Yves Engler, "La privatisation de l'occupation: Human rights are embedded within sovereignty Jack Donnelly "Human Rights and State responsibility in mysite.

Private military company

This obligation to share information about companies in an open and transparent way would provide greater public and parliamentary scrutiny. However, the company still had a contract with the U. The first incident occurred when a Blackwater-protected convoy was ambushed in downtown Baghdad.


That particular incident changed the whole course of the war in Iraq. An international committee would monitor the measures taken by state parties to implement the convention. Nor have prosecutions in the home countries of such companies been successful. The new export security industry expanded primarily, though not exclusively, in Western Europe and North America.

It has a substantial international client base in support to government, non-government and oil and gas organisations throughout the country and has a substantial history of successfully delivered and ongoing security projects.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld justified the use of PMCs in Iraq on the basis that they were cost effective and useful on the ground. They were dragged from their car in one of the most violent attacks on U.

The aphorism that the invisible hand of the market is enough to regulate the activities of PMSCs without outside intervention seems to have been abandoned after a number of events have proved to the contrary.

Al Hurea Security Services (PSC 51)

Private Security Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq: The Potential Impact of the Montreux Document. Anthony H. Cordesman. The role of private security companies has been a constant source of concern and trouble.

Al Hurea Security Services (PSC 51) The highest accredited national security company and one of the highest accredited Private Security Companies in the world. Providing turnkey security solutions for international companies in Iraq since CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress The Department of Defense’s Use of Private Security Contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq.

use of private security contractors (PSCs) to protect personnel and property in Iraq and as well as the adverse impact PSCs may be having on U.S.

Al Hurea Security Services (PSC 51)

counterinsurgency efforts. Contractors working for the U.S. military, the State Department, or other government agencies Private Security Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan: Legal Issues.

Conflict environments exacerbate an incentive dilemma between employers and private military and security companies (PMSCs). PMSCs seek to maximize profits, but employers seek to minimize expenses and maximize services.

We argue that PMSCs are influenced by two complementary economic factors: contract structure and intra-sector competition. COURSE BA (Hons) Security and Risk Management INTAKE March MODULE NUMBER Two DATE OF SUBMISSION 10 August WORD COUNT DISSERTATION PROPOSAL FOR PRIVATE SECURITY COMPANIES IMPACT ON IRAQ.

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Private security companies impact on iraq
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